Radiation Safety(RI)

Projects RSI


- Development of National Capabilities for Radionuclides Monitoring.
- Dosimeter calibrations: establishment of calibration procedures based on absorbed dose values Establishment of radiation qualities for calibrating dosimeters used in diagnostic radiology.
- Establishment of soil radioactivity maps.
- Assessment of radionuclides distribution in consumed food stuffs.
- Establishing national capabilities to control the quality of x-ray diagnostic and radiotherapy machines, Expansion of x-rays QC programs to cover additional states.
- Evaluation of radiation dose to workers in radiation fields Monitoring of most radiation workers for the personal doses.
- Establishment of reference dose levels of diagnostics radiology.
- Development of radioactive waste management procedures for waste generated from medical and industrial use, Upgrading of the radioactive waste management lab.
- Evaluation of dose to patients undergoing diagnostic radiology.
- Quality control of personnel dosimeter.
- Investigation of radon levels in new houses.