Radiation Safety(RI)

Instrument Calibration & Dosimetry


It is important for radiation measuring instruments to measure the desired dose quality precisely. This can only be guaranteed by calibration of these instruments at reference standard laboratory such as SSDL in soba.


Using un-calibrated devices may lead to erroneous results and unnecessary exposure of radiation workers and public. It may also lead to over or under exposure of patient in radiotherapy and radiology, resulting in complications of the treatment and in the case of radiology, reexaminations of the patient.

We offer a certified radiation instrument calibration service




Calibration of radiation detector constitute a major contribution to the activities of the Radiation Safety Institute. In addition to ionization chambers calibrated for the internal use of the laboratory. Quality assurance measurements are performed on regular basis. The majority of the calibrated radiation monitoring devices are belonging to Sudan Atomic Energy Commission.


The laboratory provides the following radiation protection level calibrations services:-

- calibrations of radiation protection area monitoring instruments.
- calibrations of ionization chambers.
- calibrations of the rmoluminescence dosimeters(TLDs).
- calibrations of electronic personal dosimeters (EPDs).
- calibrations of diagnostic x-ray machines.