Radiation Safety(RI)

Food & Environmental Monitoring


The increase use of applications of atomic energy in different disciplines (agriculture, industry, military or medical) may increase the risk of exposure due to radiation contamination. SAEC has responsibilities towards radiation monitoring in foodstuffs (import and/or export).


Research in the environment present overview of methods recently developed for modelling of environmental and pollution data. The main objective is to use simulation techniques for decision oriented and prediction mapping of soil contamination by radionuclides. We are developing maps of naturally occurring radionuclides in soil, water, rocks for the country




The routine work includes both imported and locally produced items. Analyses of radioactive substances in food chains from local production are primarily focused on the analysis of radioactive substances in soil, drinking water, natural products, plants, meat, fish, grass and milk. The determination of radioactivity is based on spectrometric measurement and, if necessary, on a chemical separation of the radionuclide to be measured.