Nuclear Applications In Biological Sciences (NABSI)

Production & Development


Production of T3,T4 and TSH radioimmunoassay kits


Statement of Need

Some of the Sudan states are iodine deficient areas; the diagnosis of thyroid abnormalities is strongly needed. Also neonatal hypothyroidism is one of the major health threatening factors in Sudan. Local production of radioimmunoassay kits positively affects the economy of Sudan.



The department is located in Soba buildings of Sudan Atomic Energy Commission (SAEC) with a total area of 76 M2.



The department is composed of two laboratories, the cell culture and the development labs and two animal houses mice and sheep houses. All the equipment needed for the production of radioimmunoassay.



The department have produced T3 and T4 kits. The kits were positively evaluated by the IAEA and two batches were exported to Ethiopia.