Information Technology Directorate (ITD)


Since 2003 ITD offers courses in IT and Statistics such as Oracle, Visual Basic, PHP and SPSS taught to students and professionals. The local networking and computer maintenance are our responsibilities. Along with all above ITD members participate significantly for other activities such as SAEC book, lecturing statistics in training courses that organized by other institute, designing websites for other institutions and social development as well.

Regarding Automation ITD constructed more than 8 database systems as explained in the table below to participate significantly in SAEC projects and related activities.

Institute\Administration\Unit Purposes
Radiation Safety Institute X ray quality control tests
Nuclear Applications in Biological Sciences Institute TFT and Fertility hormones tests
Chemistry and Nuclear Physics Elements concentrations
Chemistry and Nuclear Physics Irradiation doses
NDT NDT activities
TC and human resources development Employees training status along with TC activities
Financial Affairs department. Salaries database.
Human Resources Employee’s affairs.
Services department Logistics