Chemistry & Nuclear Physics(CNP)



- Radiation Processing of materials.
- Comparative study on precipitation method of Yellow-Cake from acid leachate of rock phosphate and its purification.
- Investigation of Radon concentration indrinking water in Khartoum state.
- Gamma radiation-induced effects on gum Arabic (acacia senegal and acacia seyal) properties.
- Determination of Uranium and Thorium Isotopes and Some Heavy Metals in River Sediments.
- Nutritional and health related studies using research reactor, IAEA.
- Determination of pollution sources in shallow ground water,AAEA.
- Developing urban air pollution monitoring, IAEA.
- Study of the relation between Trace elements and Cancer Tissues, AAEA.
- Determination of trace elements in waste sediments in Khartoum State suing XRF.
- Determination of trace elements in river Nle sediments.
- Investigation of chemical and physical quality from Bara aquifers.