Chemistry & Nuclear Physics(CNP)

Radiation Processing Lap


The Radiation processing Unit found in response to a request by SAEC to help strengthen our efforts in the direction of establishing center for the Radiation Technology, the agency has technically approved a project relating to radiation technology expedite the transfer of technology.
Radiation Processing of materials is the technology in which irradiation of material is carried out to produce desired properties or to get rid of unwanted properties without inducing radioactivity. it is environmentally clean, energy saving and multidisciplinary.


The Camma Irradiation Facility (Gamma cell 220E) offers the ability to irradiate samples with gamma rays from cobalt-5\60.


The various established and economically viable technologies are as follows:

- Radiation cross-linking of polymers for development of : cable and wire, heat shrinkable, battery separators, battery tires. Radiation grafting for use as : battery separators. Radiation curing for the surface treatment of wood and tiles and this will enable the effective utilization of forests and wood as a very thin sheet of weed can be cross-linked to a polymer.
- Radiation sterilization including :
1. Preservation of food Sterilization of medical disposables.
2. Prevention of sprouting in potatoes, onions.


DV-11 +Pro Viscometer most versatile viscometer built-in RTD temperature probe for sample monitoring, it consist of selectable speeds provide superior range of viscosity/ shear rate measurements, it ca be used in low viscosity solutions such as Paints and coating, solvents, rubber, solutions, hot wax etc, or in medium and high viscosities like food products, paints, gels, gums, diary products, plastisols.


Main Objective of the project is establishment of infrastructure for further implementation of radiation technology in the country. The project is a natural output of TC regional project FAF8033.
UV/Vis spectroscopy (UV probe ver.2.00) with quantitative and kinetic software, and double distillation unit which consist of a spectrum module for wave length scaning and analysis and kinetic module for time course measurements, photometric modules for quantities analysis.