Welcome to SAEC

The "Sudan Atomic Energy Commission (SAEC) Act, 1996" was passed by the National Assembly, and assented to by the President of the Republic. This Act has replaced both Atomic Energy Research Institute and the Atomic Energy Committee and vested their functions (Research, Coordination and Services) in the Newly established Commission.

Objectives of SAEC

The SAEC shall pursue the following objects, to:

- Care for the national interests, at both the international and national levels, with respect to the atomic energy affairs, and follow-up the developments thereof.
- Enable the State to utilize atomic energy, in the peaceful purposes, in service of the plans and programs of economic development.
- Ensure the safety of human beings, animals and the environment, in general, against radiation risks, and disseminate awareness' of such risks among individuals.
-Enable workers, in the field of peaceful application of atomic energy, to acquire technical and practical experience, and keep abreast with the scientific progress in this field.